Late release of data and maps led to “missed opportunity” during public hearings

Rep. David Lewis thought Tuesday’s lengthy public hearing process was a “missed opportunity.” He hoped to have “garnered a little more specifics for how we can improve the maps.”

Many speakers noted they couldn’t provide specific fixes because maps weren’t released until Saturday and Sunday, and accompanying voter data remained locked up until the day before hearings.

The missed opportunity was Lewis’s, not people who attended and spoke at public hearings across the state where “most criticism centered around the redistricting committees waiting until last weekend to release maps and waiting until Monday to release data about the district.”

A Nash county woman called the late release of information “an act of disrespect to all people of the state.” She called the lack of openness “a disgraceful act for public officials paid for with public dollars.”

Eva Clayton, the first black woman to represent North Carolina in Congress, also pointed out the very limited information given, criticizing Republican leaders for having the “audacity to think that the system would be so naïve.”

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