House Budget: First Take

The House's budget posted just after 10:30pm this evening. You can find the bill text here and the committee report here.  We'll have more on the House budget by tomorrow.

Key Points

  • A budget tells you a lot about someone’s values and the House budget makes it obvious that Republicans in Raleigh value tax giveaways for billionaires over investing in our future.
  • The House budget fails to match Gov. Cooper’s concrete plan to raise teacher pay to the national average, make community college tuition free for high school graduates, expand access to broadband, and give law enforcement real tools to fight the opioid crisis.
  • Just like the Senate, the House budget pales in comparison to Gov. Cooper’s proposed plan.



The House tax plan would provide no tax relief to middle-class and working families while provides special tax carve outs for corporations in specific industries. “The House plan would not include a reduction in individual or corporate income tax rates. However, it would slightly lower the franchise tax and offer tax relief for specific industries, including a repeal of the mill machinery tax and new sales tax refunds for large distribution centers and small research and development firms, especially those in rural areas of the state.” (WRAL, 5/30/17) 

The House has failed to release a detailed plan to get those salaries to the national average in any time frame.

The House Budget funds $350,000 in new opioid programs compared to $12 million for law enforcement and treatment programs in Cooper budget. (Office of the Governor of North Carolina, 3/1/17)

The House Budget leaves rural North Carolina behind, unlike Gov. Cooper’s budget which provided $30 million to create recruitment sites in rural counties and $20 million to expand rural broadband the House provides no funding for any such initiative.  (Office of the Governor of North Carolina, 3/1/17)