Fact Check: NC House Republicans' Claims on House Bill 370

In an August 1st interview with WUNC, N.C House Speaker Tim Moore said the House would vote on H370 once “rhetoric” on immigration “calm[ed] down.” Instead, Moore waited until ICE issued a press release attacking Mecklenburg Sherriff Garry McFadden.

The GOP’s claims about H370 are more about fear-mongering and defending the Trump administration’s unconstitutional immigration policies than about protecting communities. Having not learned their lesson from HB2, Republican leaders in Raleigh are again trying to meddle in local issues to energize their base by discriminating against North Carolinians. Advocacy groups across a broad range of issues, business leaders still concerned about HB2’s lasting impacts on the state, faith leaders, and local elected officials all say this bill makes N.C. more discriminatory and less safe.