Video: Dan Forest says the NCGA has done a “great job” drawing maps that have been ruled unconstitutional four times and counting

Forest, during a Facebook Live he hosted on Wednesday, commended the “great job” the General Assembly has done drawing maps.

“The General Assembly has done a great job complying with the rules of the courts to draw these districts.”

Not quite

But Forest has an answer for all of that.

“This is pure politics and so the courts are playing politics here and that's why we find ourselves in the situation they're in.”

Again, not quite

In May 2017 when SCOTUS ruled NC’s racial gerrymanders unconstitutional, five of the nine justices were appointed by Republican presidents with Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s appointee, having joined in April.

The three-judge panel, an Obama appointee, a Carter appointee and a Bush appointee, that struck down NC’s congressional districts this week ruled unanimously.

When Republicans inevitably appeal that ruling to SCOTUS will they start calling Clarence Thomas an activist judge?

Forest finished his redistricting remarks on a tangent, blaming the plaintiffs for suing “state after state” so they can “draw these lines between people they want to pit against one another [sic] the race lines and [sic] ethnic lines.”

“because the reality is that is how they plan on winning the battles they know that they can sue state after state on redistricting they can draw these lines between people that they want to pit against one another so the race lines and ethnic lines those kinds of things and that's really what they're trying to do and so that's a shame because we've done a good job drawing those maps so anyway.”

It is a shame, Lt. Gov., that these maps Republicans have done a “good job drawing” keep getting ruled unconstitutional. “So anyway.”