Connection to Greg Lindberg is just the tip of the iceberg of former Sen. Wes Meredith’s long history of self-dealing

by RFNC Staff

While we don’t know what Lindberg wanted from Dan Forest, we do know what he wanted from former Sen. Wesley Meredith, who has a long history of self-dealing.

Meredith received a large donation, nearly $40,000, from Lindberg and his associates after he filed a bill that tinkered with NC insurance regulations. The bill was backed by Lindberg’s company and would have changed regulation around the type of investments insurers are prohibited from making.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey opposed the bill and it never got a hearing. Later, Lindberg, two of his associates, and former NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes were indicted for trying to bribe Causey.

Unfortunately, Forest’s refusal to turn over public record of Lindberg’s communication with his office also hinders further understanding of Lindberg’s relationship with Meredith. However, Meredith’s long history of public wrongdoing stretches back to his time on the Fayetteville City Council.

Meredith used his position to land lucrative contracts for his landscaping business. He convinced the Cumberland Commission to award his company a $3.1 million contract for a type of project it had no experience completing. Meredith did such a bad job that work had to be redone several times due to safety concerns, and completion was severely delayed. Meredith also pushed legislation in the Senate that would have earned his company landscaping contracts with NC public schools.

In 2003 27 attempts to fraudulently acquire absentee ballots or fraudulently vote by absentee ballot were attributed to Meredith’s city council campaign. In 2010 Meredith hired the embattled “political operative” Leslie McCrae Dowless for “getting out the vote.” Dowless was indicted this year on charges related to collecting absentee ballots for Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris.

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