Chris Humphrey calls out “Raleigh politicians” but his record proves he would be just another Raleigh politician if elected to the legislature

Chris Humphrey is the Republican candidate running for House District 12.

In an ad, Humphrey claims “Raleigh politicians have just one district: big cities. They push big cities to the front of the economic development line while small towns are left behind. Rural communities need a voice in Raleigh and that’s Chris Humphrey.” However, Humphrey has a long history of working with several of those same “Raleigh politicians.”

Humphrey has also posted several photos with the same “Raleigh politicians” he’s calling out in his ad on social media.

Despite Humphrey claiming, “Raleigh politicians have just one district: big cities” and that he’s a “voice for rural communities,” his history with those same Raleigh politicians proves one thing: he’s exactly the same. He’ll fall in line with the GOP if elected to the legislature and fail to differentiate himself from other “Raleigh politicians.” Humphrey faces Democrat George Graham in the election for House District 12.