Budget Compromise? A Response.

Yesterday, Speaker Tim Moore announced that a budget compromise may be on the horizon and it could feature block grants to local school districts. Instead of choosing the Senate’s plan to layoff teacher assistants and hire more teachers or the House’s version that protects TA’s, block grants would pass the decisions on to the local schools.

This is a false choice. Pitting teachers versus teacher assistants is a ploy by politicians that don’t prioritize our public schools. Republicans want to pit teachers against teaching assistants and hope no one really notices they are cutting corporate taxes once again.

While they are starving our schools, remember that this budget gives corporations another $1 billion in reckless tax cuts — doubling down on a failed economic strategy. If they truly had public schools’ best interests at heart, they’d find resources for both instead of letting local school administrators be the bad guy. It’s so easy to pass the buck.

Republicans claim a $445M surplus. Do they want to improve funding for public schools? No. They want more tax cuts for corporations, and then ask local school districts to decide whether they want to cut teachers or teaching assistants.