Berger a No Show for Guilford County Delegation Town Hall

Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger was the target of pointed criticism on Thursday when he disappointed constituents by not showing up at a scheduled town hall meeting in Guilford County.

Many constituents wanted to voice their concerns to Sen. Berger and expressed disappointment that he did not attend the “town hall” to answer to his constituents.

One constituent commented on the lack of response from Sen. Berger’s office saying, “…I have sent many email messages on your pages and I have sent many phone calls to your offices, such as Phil Berger’s and Trudy Wade’s…But I’ve gotten no return calls or messages, so that gives me zero confidence in those senators.”

Another attendee quipped, “I wanted to speak to Senator Berger and Moore and Trudy Wade, but I can talk to the chairs.”

Democratic Sen. Gladys Robinson suggested that their disappointed constituents call their offices which was met with an outburst of groans and laughter.