A Senate bill would allow “unlimited handguns per permit,” but Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford), a 16-year police chief, says the idea is “one of the greatest concerns” of law enforcement

S90 appeared in its current form on Tuesday night and was discussed in committee the following day. The bill would let people buy unlimited handguns without needing multiple permits from their local sheriff. Currently, people who do not have their concealed carry permit must obtain a permit for each handgun they purchase. A committee vote is planned for Tuesday. 

Bill sponsor Sen. Danny Britt justified the change because many guns used in crimes were obtained illegally, so this bill makes it “easier for folks who buy firearms the legal way.” This harkens back to the time former Rep. Chris Millis argued the state should get rid of the concealed carry permit altogether because people wear jackets

Rep. John Faircloth, who served as High Point Chief of Police for 16 years, has long argued that allowing unlimited handguns is dangerous and deadly. Here he is on the House floor two years ago:

“Thank you representative. I gather then that there’s no limit on the number of handguns a person could carry concealed. An 18-year-old on a public street, or a sidewalk, or in a friend’s front yard could carry half a dozen handguns in a backpack or in a satchel of some kind, I believe. That’s my interpretation of the bill and I’m assuming I’m correct on that. The reason I bring that up is because one of the greatest concerns that law enforcement officers have with regard to your bill here, I believe.” -Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford)

North Carolina lawmakers made a show of their attempts to increase school safety in the wake of tragic events in Parkland and elsewhere, but their refusal to stand up to the NRA and pass commonsense gun law changes demonstrate that North Carolinians cannot rely on our Republican leaders to make our state safe for everyone.