2019 NEA Report shows drop in per student spending in North Carolina

NEA released its 2019 Rankings and Estimates report last Monday. Updates show some positive changes, though the state still falls near the bottom in per student spending and average teacher salary.

Per student spending in NC remains near the bottom as Republican budgets consistently fail to meet classroom needs, spending nearly $3,000 below the national average per student.

  • The state dropped in rank from 39thto 42nd in per student spending between the 2016-17 school year and final 2017-18 numbers.
  • NEA’s 2018 report estimated the state would rank 39th in per student spending for 2017-18. Revised numbers drop NC to 42nd.
  • NC spends $2,957 below the national average per student.

Despite improvements, NC teachers still make more than $9,000 below the national average and less than their counterparts in other professions. 

  • NC teachers make 74 cents on the dollar compared with other professionals with the same education and years of experience.
  • Despite slight improvement in average teacher salary ranking, NC teachers still make $9,246 less than the national average.