2018 Session: Status of Constitutional Amendments






Protect Right to Hunt and Fish  Enshrines the right to hunt and fish in the state's constitution.  Passed House and Senate 6/25/18, will be on November ballot.


Strengthening Victims’ Rights

Protects “crime victim’s rights” (also called Marsy’s Law)

Passed House in 2017, passed Senate 6/25/18 with amendment, House concurred 6/26/18. Will be on November ballot. 



Bipartisan Ethics and Elections Enforcement  Gives Governor’s power to appoint to the State Board of Elections to NCGA, cuts related Governor’s office positions Introduced 6/22/18 as written, passed House vote 6/26/18, given favorable passed Senate 6/27/18. Will be on November ballot. 



 Judicial Vacancy Sunshine Amendment  

Gives most of the Governor’s power to appoint judges to empty seats (due to retirement, death, etc) to NCGA. 

RFNC analysis

Introduced 6/22/18 as written, passed Senate 6/25/18, passed House 6/28/18. Will be on November ballot. 


Maximum income tax rate of 5.5%

Freezes income tax at 5.5 percent or lower (also called tax cap or TABOR). Amended by the House to raise cap to 7 percent.

RFNC analysis

Passed Senate in 2017, amended in House Finance to raise cap to 7% 6/27/18. Passed House 6/28/18. Senate concurred 6/28/18. Will be on November ballot.


Require photo ID to vote

Requires photo identification to vote. Allows NCGA to set specifics after passage.

RFNC analysis 

Passed House 6/26/18, passed Senate 6/29/18. Will be on November ballot.

Note: amendments appear in this chart in the same order in which they will appear on the November 2018 ballot.