11 Suggested Resolutions for Republicans in the NCGA: 2019 Edition

Last year, we proposed a list of 12 resolutions that we hoped the Republicans of the NCGA would observe and keep. They failed. 

Here are 11 brand new resolutions. Maybe this year they can rise to the occasion.  

1. Address actual election fraud rather than disenfranchising voters of color by creating "solutions" to problems that do not exist. 

2. Stay away from illegal data mining

3. Stop referring to local terrorist groups as "knuckleheads." (Alternate: Be staunchly and unequivocally against the KKK. Period.)  

4. Don't use legislative power to attempt to influence elections

5. Expand access to health care, including mental health and addiction services.   

6. Actually advocate for reproductive health (rather than claiming you do while you write budgets that allocate state funds to pseudoscience crisis pregnancy centers). 

7. Take campaign finance laws and violations seriously. 

8. Learn how to use social media

9. Stop using school shootings to rescind coverage of preexisting conditions

10. Adequately fund education, including paying teachers more. 

11. Attempt a modicum of empathy when discussing the fact that teachers are not paid enough.